continuous open flux (2009)

Programme Note

The title continous open flux is a term from the essay intertwining by the american architect Steven Holl. This text has a strong sensual impact on me and inspired me to write a cycle of different compositions, like stretto for 8 channel-tape, porous horizons for saxophone, acordeon and violoncello, fluid space in motion for piano trio, torsion for saxophone and electronics and tectonic landscape for 12 percussionists.

One main idea for the piece continuous open flux was to use the spectral delay technique from electronic music to use as a compositorical approach: The percussionists take on "filtered" and transformed parts of the doublebass and vice versa to generate a forward moving intertwining of the musical energies.

The electronics consist of stereo samples that are live triggered and controled along the score. There are two kinds of sounds: noise and harmonics to "open up" the spectra of the acoustic instruments. They were all generated by a computer wavetable synthesis.

Matthias Ockert